have also temporarily reduced orders

Have reduced the purchase of caution florist

New varieties of flowers, has become this year’s the florist “Breakout” a magic weapon. In Central Asia, Kao Flower operating room, the reporter saw a group of woody floral arrangement is very beautiful, the price was around $ 500. According to the salesman Mr. Yang, the flowers mostly South African varieties planted in Kunming, flowers about 2 months, after kill becomes dried flowers is very pretty. Selling relatively well this year, many customers asked to give as gifts during the Spring Festival is also more fashion.

The country collecting new varieties online and linkage sales … have begun to taste the sweetness of early transition florist

The Spring Festival is our most ceremonious traditional festival, people used to decorate the room with colored flowers, this flower is also known as the Lunar New Year Fair flowers. Accordance with past, as the Spring Festival approaching, the Lunar flower market in Hangzhou will fire up. This year, however, by the market environment and frugality will wind factors, many businesses, the start of the Lunar New Year flower sales this year “is not optimistic”.


Lunar New Year Fair flower market start deserted

“Spring Festival flowers not more, before the holiday business this year than last year.” Said this, a business households and somewhat depressed. Another lady selling bonsai spit “grievances: Originally, this time the business should get better, and now look to customers or people in the market, more deserted.

The timely job countermeasures Zhejiang Fengqi Flower City, a flower shop, to avoid the risk. The flower shop owner introduced, one of which is to reduce the cost of the flowers, and improve the cost, to meet the requirements and needs of the customer.

Dozen new brands to attract customers

The florist steering battle started individual customers

Recently, the reporter walked into Hangzhou Evergreen Flower Market, see market Xixishushu only a few customers, a small number can not help but Monk porridge feeling.

Mr. Chen is of Zhejiang a flower company responsible for every end usher in the Lunar New Year Fair Flower sales peak, he will be too busy, but the situation is different.

According to the Fengqi Flower City a shop staff, some florist, the previous unit orders accounted for the bulk of the small proportion of individual consumer. He revealed that some of the unit’s day-to-day with flowers also decreased, formerly a unit, during the dinner will be put on a pot of flowers in the middle of the table, even pots of flowers also eliminates the need for.

In addition, many businesses remain the case of the original varieties, some businesses are also Flower new move some brains, the packaging of the Lunar New Year Fair flower, also made a number of improvements. Zantedeschia 3D Zhijiang florist imported from the Netherlands, is unique; Stadium Road A super floral launched a new best-selling products this year, the Miss Korea, listen to the name is very attractive.

“However, we are middlemen Fortunately, customers (go to) get a little (goods), not the customers do not take it is temporarily not getting goods rely on other business can sustain the most bitter may or species flower farmers. ”

Status quo

Land bloom gardening line In addition to the the imported the Cun Cun gold and red bean, as well as oddly shaped the Five Dynasties fruit of Lunar New Year flower new country collecting good new varieties, meanwhile, is still actively introduce foreign price is relatively stable, we have not seen the new varieties, the flowers in every household.

Trainee reporter Wei Zhiyang / photo

Filled with a variety of Lunar New Year Fair flower shop, filled with the thick smell of years, but the proprietress should Ms. was not happy: “private buy units did not how to set …”

The same situation not only in the the holly bird market, despite the the Fengqi bird city’s situation is a little better, but it can not be called prosperous. Several business operators standing at the entrance to see that someone will be very warm around forward was a bit flattered, when learned that they do not buy flowers, we have dispersed.

Yesterday, the reporter interviewed him, his breath a sigh, said: “We will adjust the ratio will increase promotional efforts will be taut nerves. Fortunately, the goods most of them have a way out …”

He found that, since late December 2012, meeting with the orders of flowers and other sharp reduction in the already booked cargo units have also temporarily reduced orders. Mr. Chen’s business previously part from the unit, part of the wholesale flower market demand. Recently, he had to take the goods pressure, the pressure on pumping smoke, voice hoarse.

The country collecting new varieties online and linkage sales … have begun to taste the sweetness of early transition florist

Our reporter Xu Jing Hugh / text

Lunar New Year Fair flower market a bit cold start